Are Symbian^3 devices worth waiting for?

24. September 2010 at 16:54

nokia c6 lifestyleMy answer would be definitely a big YES. Fourth quarter of 2010 is really here and just few days away before it really starts and that’s why I already queued my self on the waiting lists for these Symbian^3 devices. But if you don’t really on decision of getting one of the S^3 devices, I have here few chicken nuggets to share. Find out more after this break.

What I really mean is of course giving you some worthy reasons to wait for these S^3 devices. It doesn’t mean that Nokia or Symbian Foundation paid me just for doing this. Remember here on Symbian World, reviews and personal assessments on technology related articles are not biased. I just want to share and more especially to enlighten minds on how Symbian^3 devices differ and advances from the others. Both are on OS and hardware focus, and Nokia is on highlight.

You might still find this a red herring or a tactic something that ain’t you want to read for but I tell you that these latest features would somehow change your minds on how Symbian platform changed & developed and how innovative Nokia is on their product offerings.

Enhanced Symbian^3 Games
Well, I’m already tired of baby sitting my N97 mini with S60 5th edition games that aren’t fully-action-packed and with good gaming UIs/graphics compared on what we see on Apple devices. But luckily, there will be a wave of Symbian^3 games to save me, as for sure these games looks promising.

Take a look to the upcoming games that supports Symbian^3.

Design are far from HTCishness and Samsungness
Nokia devices are always made with touch of fashion without compromising the quality for the use of consumers that’s why they arenokia c7 lifestylealways making the best phone design in the planet. These new looks on new devices were made for us not to be worry on how our devices looks. They fully made it in different style far from the crappy plastics we always see on too common designs of other brands.

Take a look at Nokia E7 / Nokia C7 & C6-01

Services are free, no worries on buying and upgrading
Forget your “Tom2” because we have the Ovi Maps with free lifetime turn-by-turn customisable voice guided navigations and supports almost all smartphones of Nokia. That’s a heck wide numbers of devices and adding to that is the region availability for over 80+ countries on 20+ languages.

Aside from Ovi Maps we have also have the Nokia Messaging giving free (not all) and easy access and manage to our email accounts. Plus the unlimited space of Ovi Share is always a big deal as well as the new Ovi Store client coming on our S^3 devices.

First and only…
CBD technology combined with AMOLED is a hands down for putting on Nokia E7. Bio paints on a device and recycled metals are also first on phones. And of course my favourite is biggest camera sensor found in a mobile phone.

Both Nokia E7 and Nokia N8 also offers HDMI connection, and Dolby Surround Plus will include for a real home theatre experience. All current Symbian^3 devices are supporting USB on-the-go and eventually mass will experience it soon.

Qt is here and it’s really cute
The new Qt is a cross platform developing tool for developers to make sure that both MeeGo and Symbian apps will have a rich UI compositions. And also to make sure that developed/made apps will be ported and will support all devices as possible.

The change is really here and it’s through these devices. As we see the potentials of Symbian^3 devices right from the start and now all we have to do is to wait for Q4.

So are you waiting, too?