Which is better? The old or the new Multimedia-Menu?

6. April 2008 at 12:10

As you maybe know the N95 and the N95 8GB have different multimedia-menu´s. The Nokia N95 is a device which has a unique multimedia-menu, no other device has this special multimedia-menu.

The Nokia N95 8GB changed this: Since the N95 8GB all devices of this generation have the new multimedia-menu – the N81, N81 8GB and N82.

Today I want to compare both of the menus – which one is the better one?

Both of the Multimedia-Menu´s come in a nice design. The N95 has some kind of line, which is flying into the screen on start-up with the multimedia-key.

If you choose no symbol in the menu about 12 seconds, there will appear many images, that are showing a man that is using the N95.

Of course you can change this pictures with up to five of your own ones or the design of the theme you´re using. You can also change the symbols which are in the menu and you can turn on menu sounds.

The N95 8GB has the new Multimedia-Menu. This Menu has the same color as the theme you´re using. There are no more single symbols, now there are boxes with different topics – contacts, music, gallery, games, internet and videos. You can arrange this boxes as you want.

You can use both of the menu´s also in landscape-mode. If you switch into landscape-mode, the old Multimedia-Menu of the N95 will look almost the same as in portrait-mode. In the new menu of the N95 8GB this has changed: If you switch to landscape-mode you will only see the first box clearly, the other boxes are not good to see like in portrait-mode.


I am using the Multimedia-Menu of my N95 very seldom, because I don´t need it. If I want to start an application fast I do not open the Multimedia-Menu, I use the active standby for that. The N95 8GB´s menu is better in my opinion, because it is not only a “fast-start menu”. It is a well-arranged menu which is showing you nice information like the last captured image or contacts you´ve added to the menu.

The winner is the new Multimedia-Menu which is included in all new devices since the N95 8GB. I hope Nokia will add the new menu also to the N95 with a new firmware.