The power of N95 8GB´s RAM

7. April 2008 at 19:49

All you users of the Nseries phones know the problem of less RAM. I think all of you had the “memory full”-error once before. This is very annoying if you want to have a phone with that you can multitask. The N95 has 64MB of RAM, in the early firmwares like v11 this was not enough! All the users reported about the “memory full”-errors or even crashing of applications. This problem has been fixed for a big part in the firmware´s since v20. But the N95´s successor, the N95 8GB has none of this problems.

Since I received it I´ve updated the firmware, installed many applications and used many of them at the same time. I haven´t had one of this errors or crashes. But this is not surprising, the N95 8GB has major 128MB(!) of RAM. This is very much for such a little phone; when I think back, my first Personal Computer had 256MB of RAM, and this was not a little phone, it was a big Computer.

Now you can work with all folders in the menu at the same time:

With 128MB of RAM you are abled to open all the applications on your phone and work with them at the same time:

You can also play games with the new n-gage platform in such a good quality; there´s no Gameboy with such a quality yet:

As you can see the N95 8GB has such a big RAM, that you will not have to close a application again if you want to use it with other applications at the same time. Another great effect to the user is that the phone starts very fast. The RAM which is available for the user is about 90MB.