Nokia Tube: More and more rumours of S60 touch devices

8. April 2008 at 12:18

When I visited the German Telefon-Treff forums in my daily round through blogs and forums, I thought of nothing special. But today I found some new rumours of the upcoming S60 touch devices.

On the Evans Data Developer Relations Conference in Redwood, California the vice president of the Nokia-Forum, has presented the first prototype of a S60 touch device to a special audience. It has the codename “Tube” and looks very similar to the iPhone by Apple.

To show you the new S60 touch, here is a video of it:

Unfortunately there are no pictures or videos that reached the public yet. Maybe it is the rumoured RM-346?

Let´s hope that some spy-pictures will reach the publicity soon. If so, you can trust in Symbianworld, we will report about it!

Source: AreaMobile & Telefon-Treff