2.6″ vs. 2.8″ – Which display is better?

9. April 2008 at 14:50

In the last few days I´ve made some comparison´s between the Nokia N95 and N95 8GB. I´ve made a main comparison, a camera comparison and a comparison between the old and the new multimedia-menu.

Today I want to compare the displays of both devices.

Both devices come with a display-resolution of 240×320 pixels. That means that the display has 76800 pixels. That is okay, but not good if you look at the display of a N90 or N80; both of this devices have a resolution of 352×416 pixels, that means they have major 146432 pixels!

The N95 has a 2.6″ display which is 4cm wide and 5.3cm long. The N95 8GB´s display is 0.2″ bigger and so it is 2.8″. It is 4.3cm wide and 5.7cm long.

In the N95 there are 3622 pixels per sqarecentimeter (cm²). The N95 8GB has only 3134 pixels/cm², that are about 500 pixels less than in the classic N95.

As you can see the N95 8GB´s display is bigger, but also has less pixels/cm², that means that the pixels itself are bigger and so they show images less sharp than the pixels in the N95.

The contrast of the N95 8GB´s display is better than in the classic N95, and the background-light is also stronger. The N95 8GB has a window in front of its display to protect the display itself, but this is not a advantage in every situation: If you use your phone in the sun or in bright light the window will reflect more than the blank display. The normal N95 hasn´t this window, so the display isn´t protected very well. You can also notice this if you touch the display with your finger or a pen – it will discolor like the flatscreen of a computer.

Now I want to show you comparison pictures:

(*click to enlarge)


As you can see the pictures in the N95´s display are more clear, but also darker. The N95 8GB has a very bright and big display, but the pictures look a little bit blurred.

The N95 has no window before its display, this is very good in the sun, but the display can be also damaged very fast. This problem was solved with the window before the N95 8GB´s display. This window is good, but in bright light conditions it is very annoying when everything is reflecting on it.