Nokia N8 vs. iPhone 4 Camera Comparison in London

1. October 2010 at 04:05

nokia n8 vs iphone 4 cropped 2The Nokia N8 is the first Symbian^3 device of Nokia to enter the market this year. It’s a high-end device offering wide range of multimedia features yet an affordable smartphone over its offered features. It has the 12 MP camera loaded with Carl Zeiss optics and Xenon Flash, and it can record videos in HD (72op @ 25fps). The N8 includes the biggest camera sensor in the whole mobile industry and against the other compact cameras.

On the other hand, the iPhone 4 is a smartphone with 5 MP camera and LED flash whilst it records in HD @30fps. The thing that Apple should be proud of iPhone 4’s camera is the BSI or the back-illuminated sensor.

The thing is, these devices have different pixel count, aspect ratio, and type of sensor, but by looking to the results of the Endgadget comparison we would tell which is better. See the photos below.

nokia n8 sample 1iphone 4 sample 1nokia n8 sample 2iphone 4 sample 2nokia n8 sample 3iphone 4 sample 3nokia n8 sample 4iphone 4 sample 4nokia n8 sample 5iphone 4 sample 5nokia n8 vs iphone 4 cropped 1nokia n8 vs iphone 4 cropped 2nokia n8 vs iphone 4 cropped 4

By looking to these few sample shots we would see that the iPhone 4 shots are over saturated compare to Nokia N8. You would notice the over saturation especially on the 3rd photo sample. Whilst the Nokia N8 shots are natural and really reflects on what are the real subjects.

Nonetheless, it’s my personal assessment on the comparison, but you’re personal say is always welcome.

Images credit to More photos are available in endgadget.