Get Out And Play: New N-Gage Site

12. April 2008 at 11:25

Yesterday I’ve received an e-mail from Nseries WOM World which contains some information about a new N-Gage website. The site is officially launching on Tuesday 15th to the public. However, the e-mail also included an username and password for exclusive access to the page right now.

As part of Nokia’s re-release of their N-gage gaming service, they have created a huge stop-motion animation. It features over a thousand people, a playable stop motion animated game of Breakout with human characters (you’ll see what we mean if you have a look) and the worlds largest version of the mobile game, Snake.

After you entered you’ll see this little but funny oldschool game. Instead of waiting until the site is loaded you can play this flash game.

After you reaches 0% you can playback a flashvideo which shows a huge stop-motion animation of the world largest snake made by 1000 people. In the middle of the video you can find a little game in which you have to breakout with human characters.You can either play the game or hit ”Q” to continue watching the video.

Besides the movie and the game you can also watch the pretty impressive ”making of”’ (behind the scenes) and jump over to get N-Gage on your phone. Other than that you can also download the videos to your computer or to your phone.

All in all it’s a great site with some great flash content. The two videos are really interesting and a great tribute to one of the best games ever, Snake. This site also shows that N-Gage is bringing people together. What do you think about it (as far as I told you)? Do you look forward to visiting this site on 15th?