N96, N78, N82 Black release date confirmed!

13. April 2008 at 12:43

Nokia N96 official release date

We had a close talk with someone inside Nokia, and we got a confirmation on the launch date! The best thing is that it’s not one device being officially launched, it’s three, and that should be the minimum.

Nokia usually launches them in fours, ironic, as this digit is considered bad luck in some countries.

The other device being launched at the same date is the Nokia N78.

Nokia N78 official release date

The final device that we know it’s launching that date is the N82 black.

Nokia N82 Black release date

And now, time to reveal the date: 7th May 2008! Many retailers had published this date, but now we can be sure that we will see these phones shortly after 7th May. When I say launch, I don’t mean official retail date, as that’s the date that most retailers will start selling, although some might not have stocks. The phones have been officially announced, but not released.

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