How to Improve Speed of your Smartphone Through Defragmenting

1. October 2010 at 18:04

images (1)Defragmenting your computer’s hard disks or other file system type such mass storage is one of the most essential task and helpful way to improve its performance. By defragmentation, it will result to the rearrangement of fragmented data (seperated files), making your disks and drives works more efficiently. So basically, defragmentation makes your computers become optimized and faster in terms on opening programs and files, and reducing all delays on its performance.

With support of your PC/computer’s defragmenter, we can also defragment other file system like removable storage devices, these includes your USB flash drives or the mass storage in your mobile phone. The benefits of this method is also the same to your computer’s hard disks defragmentation making your smartphone more optimized.

How to defragment your Nokia smartphones – Symbian and N900 / MeeGo (graphical guide available at the bottom)

  • Connect your phone to your PC via mass storage device
  • Go to My Computer window where you will see all hard disks and connected removable storage devices
  • Right click on one of the removable storage device and click properties > tools > defragment now (Microsoft Windows 7, Vista and XP are probably the same)
  • Highlight or choose the right mass storage name that you want to defrag > click Analyze > Defragment Disk

*Note: Analyzing your preferred to-be-defragmented storage systems will give you the percentage % of its fragmented files. The higher fragmented % means that you will need to defrag it. Windows recommend defragmentation on above 10% fragmented files, but making your phone’s storage systems 0% fragmented are always better.

defragmenting a cellphone

Changes to phone’s performance are noticeable on my Nokia N97 mini after I defragmented the on board 8GB and external 4GB storage system (in my case only). Like browsing stored files on the storage or microSD of my mini was smoother. Defragmenting will surely help the users of N97 and N900 where large storage of data exists. You could also try this method and no worries, as you will lose nothing on defragmentation, but always remember to do necessary precautions like backing up your data.

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