Nokia N95 8GB: My final thoughts

13. April 2008 at 12:45

I had the Nokia N95 8GB for almost three weeks now. In this time I was always using it and now I want to share my thoughts about this device with you. At first I want to say, that this is not a review about this device, it is only a summary of my personal thoughts – if you want to read the whole review by Norman and me just click here.

The Nokia N95 8GB is the successor of the very successful Nokia N95. Nokia has made a “black diamond” out of the N95 8GB, it comes completely in black. This black color looks very nobly, but is also very susceptible to fingerprints and you have to clean it every day – at least the display.

But what are the main advantages and disadvantages of this phone? I’ve made a list with those, which I found out in the trial period:

1. The display

The display with its 2.8″ is huge! You will not miss colors – the display is also very bright. But there is also something you will miss, if you’re used to smaller displays: The sharpness! It is not as sharp as the display of the classic N95, because it has the same 240×320 pixels resolution on a bigger screen, this very disappoints me – come on Nokia, when will you build in VGA-displays in your huge screens? Or at least displays with 352×416 resolution like in the N90 or the N80!

Another disadvantage to the classic N95 is the plastic-window before the screen. If you’re using the N95 8GB in bright places like in the sun, it will reflect everything around you and you can only read the things in the display very hardly.

2. The battery

Because of the N95’s worse battery life, the N95 8GB got a 1200mAh battery, which is a little bit better. If you use it regularly you can use it about four to five days, but if you use it like me, a power-user, you will have to charge it every two days.

3. The built-quality

Well done, Nokia. If I look at the N95 classic and its slider or the sides of the display coverage, I have to say: Shame on you, what’s that? I’ve paid 800€ for this toy!

But this has changed with the N95 8GB: The slider isn’t wobbly and there is no gap where the light could shine through. Also the battery cover is more solid – there are no longer little clamps, that could brake after a few times open and close again.

4. Connectivity

The high frequently background noise of the N95-1 while calling somebody or receiving a call has been removed in the “black diamond”. More over, the noise while listening to music over the headset is no longer there. In the time of trialling the N95 8GB, I’ve listened every day on my school-way to music and I could not notice any noise.

The GPS seems to be more exactly, but I´m not sure if I had only the impression of this.

5. Memory

The built-in 8GB of storage are great, but I´m disappointed that it isn’t expandable with microSD memory-cards. Just imagine that you could upgrade the storage with memory-cards: In the future you could upgrade it with up to 32GB more storage!

The 8GB of storage sounds great, indeed it is – but: You can only fill it with slow USB 1.1 – no highspeed at all. That’s sad – when I think back to my 2 year old PSP with highspeed USB 2.0: Believe me, this is speed, Nokia!

At last I want to show you a great theme for all black phones: Snake by babi. This theme is beautiful on black phones’ displays! I used it almost all the three weeks with the N95 8GB – and everytime I was looking at the display I thought “wow, looks great”…

I hope I’ve written everything that is important, but if you miss something and want to know it, leave a comment.

Thanks to the WOM World team who gave me the chance of trialling this great device.

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