The new WOM World: WOM World/Nokia

16. April 2008 at 12:06

When I visited WOM World two days ago in my daily round through blogs and websites I was surprised, that it was not available. There was only a screen with the text “WOM World is going through a change, we´ll be back soon…“. When I visited it yesterday evening it took ages to load, and the new style was not completely online.

So, when I visited WOM World today, I saw the new design. And I have to say: Well done guys and girls – it definitely looks like a Nokia website. As you can see the /Nseries has been completely removed, now there is /Nokia. You can also order E-Series devices for trial purpose now and they are covering E-Series news as well. There was always a rumour of including E-Series to WOM World and when I talked with Frank in Barcelona it sounds pretty optimistic. Including E-Series to WOM World is a big step! N-Series was due to good eMarketing, WOM World and the community always more popular than the E-Series. No other company is supporting bloggers like Nokia – thank you.

Yet I don’t know whether someone new has entered the WOM World team but I hope nobody leave the killer gang. Jump over to take a look at the fresh and new WOM World.