Dance Dance Revolution HD Shot and Edited on Nokia N8, showcasing camera capabilities and Video Editing features

3. October 2010 at 13:50

Nokia N8 video editor Symbian^3Aside from capturing HD (720p) videos, the Nokia N8 has also the free on-board video editing application. So whenever and wherever you took a video you can easily edit it within the phone itself and directly upload it to YouTube, TwitVid or other site. Or you can also play it on HD TV in your home and it also supports Dolby Surround Plus for perfect sound and music output. So no worries if you took an HD video, though. Read more on.

With the video editing tools/application on Nokia N8, HD videos can be easily edited making it more presentable and awesome, probably your very own short film, too. The editing tools offers basic functions like those we can found on Microsoft Movie Maker including adding new frames and text, trimming and fade out and of course making cool transitions and effects. The interface of the gallery are also nice, thus, it is easy to navigate or browse content. These features will surely produce a better and enhance video after editing it on Nokia N8 and other Symbian^3 devices such on Nokia E7, C7, and C6-01.

Demo on how to use Video Editor and Photo Editor App on Nokia N8 demo by Senior Product Manager, Chris Bennetts

Here’s an example video took by Mr Bill Perry from London using his Nokia N8. He also used the video editing app on the phone and publish the video from his N8 directly to YouTube. His final video was composed of 5 video clips running to 90 second and reduced to 10 seconds each and finally he merge with other clips with intro and fade out effects. Before I forgot, the subject of the video are the teens playing DDR or Dance Dance Revolution in a mall, somehow I could sense that they’re on hard mode. lols ­čśÇ

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