Fujitsu’s Dual Touchscreen Phone is actually based on Symbian platform

8. October 2010 at 16:44

fujitsu dual touchscreen concept phone at ceatec 2010Recently, Fujitsu unveiled their latest dual touchscreen concept phone at 2010 CEATEC Japan. Known by geeks out there that this phone has a rotating touchscreen displays on the form of clamshell and astonishing 960 x 480 display each. In fact, each of these panel of display can work independently or as one depending on what your mood is all about.

Check out Fujitsu Docomo F-06B running on Symbian^2

The hardware talks may be comforting but actually it was the UI of the phone was showed off and was spotlighted. It was TAT’s blend and mix that made the UI design almost perfect for a dual touchscreen phone, but actually the whole software was actually based on Symbian platform.

Fujitsu’s dual-touchscreen concept mobile phone demo below.

Source: Engadget Via Symbian