N82, is it the N95’s reincarnated?

24. April 2008 at 21:40

That’s what it looks like to me, well the box is of a different colour, but the accessories included are the same as I had in my N95’s box. The earphones are different and the audio controller is of reduced functionality, but at a first specifications’ glance, the N82 seems like a N95 in a different form factor. The question is, is the only improvement on the N82 the camera only?

Few days have passed since I have had the N82, and I’ve been testing it on its most important features, namely the GPS, the camera, and the most controversial, the keys. The device surely surprised me, and I manage to do more on it, than the N95, and with a different feel.

The first days I had with it made me worried about the keys, they were too tiny, but then I managed to make use of them with easy, simply by changing my finger angle, so that it would suit their dimensions, and it actually worked, I can type perfectly, so to speak.

The camera and the GPS have surprised me, but the battery usage from the GPS hasn’t been improved and it’s quite disappointing.

This is just a tiny bit of what I’m going to cover in my review, so subscribe to our RSS and you’ll be notified soon when I release my review. I was very excited about receiving this phone, and my feeling hasn’t changed, the N82 is what it promises to be.

Enjoy the unboxing for now!

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