Nokia E65: My first thoughts

8. May 2008 at 14:38

A few days ago I received the Nokia E65 from WOM World. Now I want to share my first thoughts of this device with you. The E65 is a very good-looking phone, you can find some photos of this beatiful gadget here.

The E65 is definitely a business and not a multimedia phone, that’s what I’ve noticed yet.

It has many keys, there are 32 of them all over the phone. These keys have a nice pressure-point and are easy to use. You will get used to them very fast.

The first Thing I’ve noticed, when I first slided the slider is that this slider is great – it slides some kind of “soft” and it is a automatic slider, which slides all the way up if you only push it a little bit up.

The backside is some kind of leather – it feels very like real leather. On the front of the E65, in the area around the display, there is a great metallic coverage.

This chrome-coverage is a fingerprint-magnet, thus you have to clean it at least once a day. The E65 is a very handy device, it isn’t as big as the “multimedia-monster” N95.

The E65’s package only includes a mono-headset and there’s only one speaker built-in. The quality of music with a mono-headset is not very good, but because the E65 is a business phone I think the headset is not supposed to play music – it is designed for calls over it. There’s only one speaker in the phone, but all in all you can play music good with it – you won’t have the feeling of great stereo-speakers like in the N95 or the N96, but the quality is good. The only bad point about it is that the warning tones are very quiet.

The camera has 2 megapixels, no flash, no shutter and isn’t from Carl Zeiss. It is definitely only a snapshot-camera. The results are okay, but nothing special. The cam has no autofocus, no macro-mode and you can’t set very much. Because the E65 is a business phone this is not a negative point – in my opinion the only bad thing is that there is no mode for close-up shots – as a business-user you will need to have the opportunity of making photos of documents.

I can’t say much about the battery-life yet, but it seems to be better than in the N95.

Negative points:

  • no combination for locking the keypad
  • front is a fingerprint-magnet
  • only a mono-headset
  • only a mono-speaker
  • memorycard-slot is under the cover
  • taking out the simcard is very formal
  • no camera for video telephony
  • no 3.5mm headphone-jack
  • no mini- or micro-usb connection
  • edit-button is on the side of the device

If you have any questions leave a comment!