The many keys of the E65

10. May 2008 at 14:38

The E65 is a business-phone. A business-user needs definetely fast access to the connectivity-options of his phone. If you’re working for a big company you will need to have the opportunity to go online everywhere and to write or receive e-mails. But that’s only one point, you also need a strong signal for important calls and to write messages, an recorder to save the things you say, a clock and of course a calendar.

The E65 is, like every device of the E-Series, designed for this group of users: The business-users. It looks and feels great and has of course all of this features.

For some of the features there are special keys to access them directly. If you own a N95 or another multimedia-phone you have one special key for accessing the features you want to fast – the multimedia-key. But for an business-user this is not enough: As an business-user you need fast access to the office applications – thus the E65 has 32 keys all over the phone. 12 of them are the normal keypad with the numbers 0-9 and the *- and #-button.

But what is with the other keys? What to do with them? Today I’ll show you the functions of all keys on the E65.

Let’s start with the keypad on the slider:

  • 1.) Own application/Options/Select
  • 2.) Own application/Cancel/Exit
  • 3.) Accept call/Send/call
  • 4.) End call/close/move to background
  • 5.) Symbian-key to access the main-menu
  • 6.) Clear-key “C” to delete something
  • 7.) Navigation-key with choose-key in the center
  • 8.) “call to”-key: You can set your own default number or choose from contacts
  • 9.) “own key”: Choose a application you want and access it with this key as fast as possible
  • 10.) “contacts-key”: Go to the your contacts-menu
  • 11.) “mute-key”: Mute while calling

As you can see, you have six keys on the front of the phone, with that you can access business-features. Three of them you can set by yourself with the applications you want to.

More over, on the right side of the phone below the speaker there are four more keys:

  • 1.) Recording/voice recognition
  • 2.) Edit-key: With this key you can copy and paste an text or something
  • 3.) Volume up
  • 4.) Volume down

There are many keys. But the special thing about those many keys is that there are five keys, which you can’t find in a multimedia-phone – they’re designed for the business-users.

All of the keys have a great pressure-point, it is some kind of firm – not as soft as the pressure-point of the N95’s keys. The keypad under the slider with the numbers is also great. The pressure-point of them is softer than in the other keys and you can type in long messages or other things fast without any problems. The numeric keypad is coated with some soft-touch material. It feels great – more over the whole phone feels great and nobly.

All in all I like all of the E65’s keys – especially the navigation-key and the numeric keypad.

What do you E65-users out there think about its keys? Do you agree with me and say they’re great, or do you don’t like them? Leave a comment and tell me!