Things I like to see on the upcoming Nokia N8 and C7 Firmware Update

2. November 2010 at 14:53

SAM_0211The Nokia N8 and Nokia C7 is running on the latest Symbian^3 software and Nokia, in fact, ironed well the software before it was finally boarded on these devices and launched on market. But it seems there are still likes and wishes for the next firmware such as application supports. Like some of my friends and fellows online experienced some small glitches on the current PR 1.0 of Nokia N8 and others, whose myself included, want to see these following changes and upgrades on the next PR 1.1 or something, hopefully.

What we want to see in the next phone software updates are changes and support to apps and S^3 programs:

  • Portrait QWERTY keyboard for some languages – yes ‘some’ only because other languages have different characters and it might occupy more space in vertical held keyboard. But still we are eager to see the portrait.
  • Swype for Nokia N8, C7 and Symbian^3 – the current Swype app are not fully working on Nokia N8 so we wish that the next update could finally fully support the app.
  • Album Art customisation – I’m not sure whether I’m just the current user of N8 who can’t see any options or tweaks to change the current music or album covers.
  • Share feature on gallery that is integrated with Social Networks makes it easier for us to share photos and videos (direct share from gallery). But the sad part is that you can’t even add or put details or alter the title of that file which is a backward multimedia feature in the gallery. (thanks @JayMontano for noting yesterday)
  • NatGeo Web TV problems – Again, not sure if I’m the only one with problems on this app, it doesn’t load or play, the dashboard is stuck after I play it. Other web tv apps is working great, though.
  • Share Online – I’m a big fan of furtivs and a user of Ovi Share too, so it’s a big deal that we need this service. I understand that other applications such as PixelPipe are great, but I think it is still a necessity for some.
  • Gallery hang/lags – the reason for me to reinstall again the software.
  • Tweaking ISO settings from Auto to specified ISO level during camera shoot could change the White Balance setup (Auto).

So far these were my experiences with Nokia N8 aside from small glitches like WLAN icon is not disappearing etc. but these happens occasionally. Other than software problems are the hardware. The solution to to these are of course replacement or repairing it except on the hardware which affected by software programs. Nonetheless, the overall Nokia N8 and Symbian^3 experience are already great.

If you have problems with Nokia N8, too, don’t hesitate to leave your comments below.