Nokia E90: Firmwareupdate v.210.34.75

19. May 2008 at 19:32

E90 update

The Nokia E90 Communicator just get another Firmware update. Version 210.34.75 brings some new features and some bug fixes.

The guys over at Allaboutsymbian put together a great changelog (some of these feature came already with v. 200.34.72):

  • Flash Lite 3 added, with Flash video support. Rafe reports that his E90 runs YouTube videos perfectly, but on my (admittedly proto) device Web’s still unstable, for me, at least.
  • Web runtime is also supported.
  • Maps is still v1.2, i.e. the ‘old’ version
  • New ‘Set up Internet telephony’ shortcut on standby screen
  • Includes Quickoffice, many enhancements over the old 3.85, although without the extra functions of the v4.5 and v5.0 paid upgrades. There are also extra options in Quickmanager, specifically more rebrands of Epocware products. The new Quickoffice is apparently back-ported from the version which will be standard in S60 3rd Edition FP2.
  • Application opening and booting seem faster. I don’t think that v210 has demand paging though – seems more like optimisations. The camera seems to start faster, too.
  • A boat load of bug fixes and tweaks. The ‘Today’/# bug in Calendar seems to have gone away. Anyone confirm this with a decent size Calendar dataset?

So, don’t hesitate and bring your E90 up-to-date using the NSU.

Source: Allaboutsymbian