How to: Make close-up shots with your fixed-focus camera

21. May 2008 at 10:04

Thanks to one of our readers I found a video over at YouTube in which a guy is showing us how to make macro-images with a phone, thats camera doesn’t have a autofocus.

Since I don’t have such a “plastic-lens” which is as big as a creditcard I thought maybe you can do it with a normal loupe as well. So I searched our house after a loupe and thanks to my father who likes to collect stamps I successfully accomplished my search and found a great loupe.

I tested it with my E65 trialdevice from WOM World and it worked well. You will need to have some sort of magnifier and then hold it in front of your cellphones’ lens. The next thing is to capture the image and you will have a great close-up image on your mobile phone without a internal macro-mode.

Here some image samples:

Normal image <<——————————————————–>> image with loupe

This method isn’t the best solution, but just imagine you can make close-up shots without a macro-mode. I think this is better than can’t make close-up images when you really need one.