Audiotest:N91 8Gb vs. iPod

27. May 2007 at 18:33

After I post my audiotest, Stefan, from Ringnokia has ask me if I could make a new audiotest with the iPod.So here it is:

The iPod is nowadays the most famous MP3-player.Is it only a hype or is it really a great MP3-player?The iPod start against the winner of the earlier audiotest,the N91.



Almost without waves and almost perfect.

There are only minimal waves in the bass and tonic-area which provide for a beefy play back.

So,both the devices have a great audiofrequency but the N91 has a lot more functions than the iPod.7 reasons why you should buy the N91 8 GB instead of the iPod:

You can’t look videos/pictures on every iPod
You can’t change the battery of the iPod
With the iPod you can’t dowload music and podcast over the air(W-LAN,GPRS,UMTS)
You need a special data-cable
You can’t send music
The iPod has no loudspeaker
You need a BT adapter to connect the iPod to a BT headset


So if you want a Mp3-player with more than 8GB is the iPod the best choice.It has a great audiofrequency and a good userinterface.Bud if you search a Mp3-player with 8
or less GB you should take the N91 because it can do a lot more than the iPod.