Duel of the flagships: Nokia N95 vs. E90

27. May 2008 at 18:44

Today I try to compare N-series’s and E-series’s flagships – the N95 and the E90 Communicator. Both devices are offering a bunch of features and both are running on S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1 so you can install further application really easily and make these devices even more powerful. So, so let the battle begin…

  • Multimedia:
    Nowadays every device has a music and video player. The N95 however, has dedicated multimedia keys which makes it pretty easy to control videos and music. So, you don’t have to jump over to the musicplayer to stop the song, rewind/prewind or to change the song – just use the multimedia keys. The E90 however, doesn’t offers that kind of controls. To change the volume or to skip the song you have to jump over to the musicplayer every time which is pretty annoying. In terms of soundquality and volume is the N95 better too. Other than that you can connect the N95 to a TV-set to playback videos, music or to show pictures or use your 3.5mm headphones.
    Winner: N95
  • Internet:
    Both, the N95 and the E90 have the same internet browser which enables HTML sites just like on the computer at home. So, you have an awesome internet experience on both the devices. However, having a much bigger, sharper and brighter screen, is surfing the web much better on the E90. More over, the E90 has a full keyboard so you can write much faster and you can lay the E90 on a desk, which looks like a real laptop.
    Winner: E90
  • Pictures and Video:
    In my previous post I already said that the E90 totally surprised me in terms of its picture quality. Although it doesn’t have a Carl Zeiss lens like the N95, it takes awesome pictures. However, compared to the N95 and its 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss lens the E90 is absolutely inferior.
  • Anyway, the N95 and the E90 can record videos with 640 x 480 pixels and 30 frames per second what is indeed pretty good.
    Winner: N95
  • Built quality:
    No doubt, the E90 is solid like a rock and has a great built quality. Compared to the E90 the N95 feels pretty cheap. The materials of the E90 are really nobly and everything matches perfect together. After having the E90 for more than two weeks I get used to its built quality and its form factor so that it will be difficult to sent it back.
    Winner: E90
  • Office:
  • The E90 is for office what the N95 is for multimedia. So, you have Quick Office’s pro version which allows you also to edit and create new Word and Exel documents. The N95’s version just allows you to view them. Other than that you have a full office folder with 11business applications. Moreover, you have a great calendar which is also pre-installed in the N95 and a nifty program which can read text messages and E-mails. Nevertheless, the N95 is a good business device but the E90 is with its full keyboard and more office application still the best.
    Winner: E90


This result was obvious. The N95 is rather a multimedia device whereby the E90 is a business device. Anyway, both can also do the job of the other device but of course not as good as the other.