Nokia E61i: My first thoughts

29. May 2008 at 12:18

A few days ago I received the Nokia E61i from WOM World. The device is a business-device of the E(nterprise)-series. It has a full QWERTY-keypad and special office buttons for launching applications. It is very slim, has a strong battery and looks nobly.

Today I want to share my first thoughts of this device with you.

Positive aspects:

  • full QWERTY-keypad
  • very slim
  • strong battery
  • notification LED
  • application quick-launch keys
  • nobly design
  • big display
  • good build quality
  • nice keypad-lightings

Negative aspects:

  • very wide
  • small keys
  • only snapshot-camera
  • mono-speaker
  • some keys with bad pressure-point
  • backside is a fingerprint-magnet
  • no mini-USB
  • no 3.5mm headphone-jack

Build quality

The E61i is built very solid and no part of the phone is shaking. The battery-cover makes out almost the whole devices’ backside and is made out of aluminium. The battery-cover is stable in closed mode, but if you open it there are many sharp edges.


The design of the device is pretty good. The front and the backside are mainly made out of silver aluminium and on the bottom of the front, the top of the backside and finally the sides there is plastic in the color “mocha” (some kind of dark brown) – this mocha-colored plastic feels some kind of bitter. The top, bottom, the background of the QWERTY-keypad and some keys are made out of white smooth plastic. “Nokia” and “E61i” is engraved on the aluminium-front. On the battery-cover there is “Nokia” engraved.


The E61i has a big 2.8″ display with a resolution of 320 by 240 pixels (the same as in the Nokia N95 8GB). The display is build-in in “landscape-mode” – one point why the device is so wide. The display seems to be very clear and readable. In my opinion it isn’t as blurry as the N95 8GB’s display. It has 16.7 million colors and is also very bright.


57 keys are all over the phone. The most of them, to be exactly 40, are part of the QWERTY-keypad. I have very small fingers, but in my opinion most of the keys are to small. The navigation-key is also small and hard to use (especially with big fingers). The selection keys have a very bad pressure-point and you will need to press them exactly in the middle. The voice-record-key on the left side of the device is very small and hard to press. The rest of the keys are small but have a good pressure-point. The device features three pre-defined quick-launch keys for office-applications like mailing or voice-record. As known from other Eseries-devices it features also the “own key” with which you can access a self-defined application.

Call quality

The quality of calls is very good but there is a high-frequently noise in the background. This noise isn’t as loud as in the N95 but you can notice it if you have good ears. It seems to come from the display like in the N95.

Battery life

I can’t say much about it yet but it seems to be good. The BP-4L battery comes with 1500mAh and I think the battery-life is very long because without charging the first time – that means with three remaining bars in the displays’ battery information – I have used it for two days and it wasn’t even empty when I charged it!

If you have any questions about the device leave a comment.