Nokia N95: Black backcover is in da house!

30. May 2008 at 12:03

Do you remember my post about the new color-variants of the N95’s backcover? When I heard that there is a black OEM backcover for the N95 I was very happy and I said that I’ll buy it. A few days ago I made the decision to buy it because I was very bored with my N95 in “Deep Plum”.

Today I received it and it took only a few seconds to change my N95 “Deep Plum” into a N95 “OEM black”. I am very happy with the new backcover in black, it looks very good and fits with the silver front of the device and the soft-touch coating is very soft. Another nice detail is the “Nokia Nseries” logo on the battery-cover – in the early N95’s there was only written “Nokia”.

Alltogheter I paid 20€ for the whole backcover – which is a good price I think.

To show you my “black beauty” I’ve made a little picture-gallery for you. Enjoy the images.

(*click to enlarge)