Nokia BH-905i Unboxing and Preview: An Upgrade to Perfect Harmony

16. November 2010 at 12:55

SAM_0690First of all thank so much to WOMWorld/Nokia for sending me a trial unit of BH-905i that was landed yesterday. I was so excited on getting this on my hands as I know this is the upgrade of the BH-905 that I reviewed months ago-that audio accessory is still on my necessity lists though. So right after I had hit my free time, I immediately unboxed the device with a video and photos galore and tandem with Silver White Nate. Checkout Nokia BH-905 review here

Before going to the full review soon, here are the few lists of what are the upgrade features from BH-905 to i.

  • Active Noise Cancellation works up to 99% ambient noise elimination
  • Improved Bass Boost and Stereo Widening
  • New design and colour, Ice or White
  • VOIP adapter and added audio cable

Aside from the benefits of ANC, there are also two microphones to give a better input of voice during calls. And also I expect the same or better battery life performance from the previous. Nonetheless, I will be keeping my ears closed to the stereo of this headset. 😀SAM_0679