Unboxing the Nokia E51

30. May 2008 at 13:33

Some days ago I received the business oriented Nokia E51. The first thing that caught my eyes was the slim box. Usually the N- and Eseries boxes have almost the same size but the E51’s box is really small. What is the reason for that? Aren’t there any accessories included? Take a look at the unboxing pictures and video to find out the reason:

So, the box includes:

  • Nokia E51 ( RM-244)
  • Battery with 1050mAh ( BP-6MT)
  • miniUSB-cable (DKE-2)
  • Headset ( HS-47)
  • Charger ( AC-5E)
  • Manuals
  • Nokia E51 CD
  • Piece of cloth

(Click to enlarge)