Nokia E51 gets new firmware v200.34.36, now with changelog

2. June 2008 at 09:31

After all the firmware updates in the last days the E51 finally gets also a new firmware. The new firmware is version 200.34.36 and is available for some, but not all, product codes. Unfortunately it doesn’t bring FP3 or other big changes but it does prevent ROM modding. Devices with the product code 0546184 should get the update for sure.

New supported features:
* Mail for exchange: Version update to 2.3.
* WLAN: WPA/WPA2 pre-shared key support added.
* VOIP: VoIP – Interoperability and stability improvements.
* Telephony: AD-54 Headset support added.
* UTF-8 title decode support added.
* Multipart mixed support for WML1.X.

Changes and improvements
* General interoperability and stability improvements.
* Improvements to car kit compatibility (CK-20W, BMW native kit).
* Improvement to BH-601/BH-900 interoperability.

* SMS compatibility improvement.
* POP3 size setting support correction.
* SMS details correction (sending time).
* Preinstalled email account user experience improvement.
* Mail for Exchange and EL2 improvements.

Calendar / PIM
* Improvement of Mail for Exchange synchronization.
* Calendar stability improved.
* Contacts improvement (long names with accents).
* Contact search speed improved.
* Active notes used experience improvement.
* Switch application improvements.

Office tools
* Team Suite usability improvement.
* Notes: Email interoperability improvement.
* Sync stability improved.

Backup & restore
* Restore stability and usability correction.

* AT-command performance improvement.
* Flash playback speed increase.
* Contact indexing speed improved.

* Improvements to IHF performance.
* Headset improvements (BH-601, AD-54, HS-36W, BH-900).
* Improvements to car kit compatibility (CK-20W, BMW native kit).
* Speed Dial improvement.
* Improvements to voice call stability.
* Call diverts improvement.
* SIM compatibility correction.
* SIM-ATK correction.
* Sim compatibility correction.
* Enhanced Line 2 improvements.

* Increased stability for VoIP calls.
* Improvements in EasyVoIP application.
* SIP profile correction.
* SIP proxy registration correction.

* WLAN roaming stability improvement.
* Improved EAP-SIM interoperability.
* Printing via WLAN stability improvement.
* WEP key query correction.
* Wi-Fi TLS authentication correction.

WEB browser
* General browser stability improvements.
* Full screen video playback improvement.
* Hotmail interoperability correction.
* Gmail interoperability support.
* Bookmark usability improvement.
* RFC compliance improvements.
* Several website user experience improvements
* yahoo, amazon, nasdaq
* Multiwindowing usability improvement.

WAP browser
* WTA Make Call correction.

* Emergency call HSDPA correction.
* Improved GPRS stability.
* Improved PDP management.

* Real player MP4 correction.
* DRM support improvements.
* Time zone corrections.
* PoC functionality and stability improvements.
* Maps application user interface improvements.
* Active Idle improvements.
* Memory card operations stability and performance improvements.
* Music playback experience improvements.
* Several linguistic fixes.
* VPN correction.
* Volume hard key correction for embedded video.
* Welcome application correction.
* Enhancements to lipsynch.
* Chat application corrections.
* Instant messaging stability improvement.
* Java MIDlet security and installer corrections.
* OBEX push usability enhancement.
* APAC minor usability enhancement.
* Marlin interoperability enhancement.
* MMS sync and PCSuite correction.
* SVG support improved.

Source: The Symbian Blog & S60inside