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20. December 2010 at 12:46

Download Link: Angry Birds Rio Lite
Download Link: Angry Birds Lite
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Nokia N8 Cover flowIt’s been a long time since we posted our top apps here at Symbian World, so let me get some long lists in order to fill those missing days. We have here our lists for the top free Nokia N8 apps and games. On the lists below, mostly are fresh free apps and games that we recommend for Symbian^3 users and almost are compatible to all.

SW’s Recommended Apps and Games for Symbian^3: Nokia N8, Nokia C7, Nokia C6-01, Nokia E7


Music Apps

  • Tune Wiki – Want lyrics on your songs? TuneWiki’s social media player shows subtitled lyrics as you listen to your music, watch music videos, or stream songs through our SHOUTcast ™ radio feature. Translated into 40+ languages, search for lyrics to over 2.5 Million songs. Use Music Maps or follow your friends to see what they are listening to and discover new music! Other features: Playlists, Song Search, Facebook and Twitter integration, Top 50 charts.
  • Shazam – Create music moments! Shazam can identify music anywhere: from TV, radio or in a bar. 30 Days trial
  • Music StopperThere are many music timer or scheduler there you can find but the one I will review is different. Because MusicStopper is an app that lets you schedule or time the specific Music PlaybackRadio or an Application and terminate it depending on the time you prefer. Like it works as a terminator of your running program.
  • Loop – An app that lets you create sound or music and mix it with many different baselines beats that are loaded in your app. You can also create and add your own baselines. Once you’re done with your created music loop, you can also make it as your ringtone, share on Facebook or upload it in the official loop app site for others to hear and votes.
  • Soundtrckr – Lets you control your own music. Plus you will get tons of free music access that you could discover using social based location system.

Web Browser

  • Opera Mobile 10.1 – The newest and advance web browser for Symbian^3. Always free.

Recommended Widgets for home screen

  • AccuWeather – Free weather updates in hourly, daily, and weekly scopes.
  • Bloomberg – Bloomberg Mobile delivers market and general news, stock prices and charts, a portfolio function, market data and analysis
  • Mangastream – Check the biggest manga updates on your phone
  • topApps – Get the listed top and recommended apps

Social, Sharing, Location Apps

  • Foursquare – Discover more places with this social network location app.
  • Gravity – Google Reader, facebook, twitter, foursquare all in one place. That’s Gravity. 10-day trial
  • Skype – It’s absolutely free to call and IM with Skype to your device provided you just have to connect your phone to 3G or Wi-Fi.
  • Nimbuzz – free IM and VOIP anywhere, anytime.
  • Gig Finder – Social + Music app of Ovi.
  • Here and Now – A location + weather updates for your needs. With Here and now offers easy-to-use web services related to your current location. Check the local weather at a glance and get other topical information while on the move.
  • Pixelpipe Share Online – With the increasing multimedia functionality of smartphones, Pixelpipe will ensure that you can upload and share your photos, videos and files to more than 100 social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.
  • Ovi Maps – It’s free navigation system by Nokia offering tons of cool features like lifetime voice guided navigation and real-time updates.

Web TV / Videos

  • Watch Now – WebTV app for Symbian^3 that lets you watch the latest episode of How I Met Your Mother and Gossip Girl.
  • E!, NatGeo, CNN – Exclusive to Symbian^3 devices with WEB TV application. It’s one of the default web TV widget for your Nokia N8, Nokia C6-01, Nokia C7 and Nokia E7.
  • SPB TV -Free live tv streaming for your Nokia devices.
  • Youtube – The updated version of social network, youtube, and now with enhance viewing experience for latest devices.


  • Battery Monitor – Monitoring your phone’s batter life will be easy. And with good management and tracking of your battery life you could eventually save more energy and prolong the use for more works.
  • Nokia Bots – Betalabs released the beta version of the Nokia Bots for Nokia N8, Nokia C7, and Nokia C6-01. They’re the latest Symbian^3 devices that would benefit from the location awareness, battery, contacts, calendar monitoring and more features from the application.
  • Nokia Panorama – this app gives you the wide-angle shot that you always wanted. Perfect for landscape shooting.
  • Swype – Is an app that substitute your default QWERTY keyboard giving an easier and faster word typing. Provided that this don’t provide portrait mode.
  • Qtorch (N8 only)- A simple application that you could use as remedy to flashlights on your N8. With just simple tapping on the screen for off and on, then you’re good to go with white screen.
  • Nokia Situations – The app senses your current life and adapts and enables the most preferred profiles that would fit your life.
  • ScreenSnap – Screenshot your phone

HD Games

Puzzle / PvP / Fun Games

You can download these listed apps and games from Ovi Store for free and some are on trial and on promo. But you can also try to download the said apps and games directly to your PC or Mac by following this link.

Beta Labs App:


Nokia Situations

Nokia Wellness Diary

Nokia Connectivity Analyzer

Nokia Gig Finder

Symbian^3 Freeware: (Alphabetical)

Anderson Desk

Best Screen Locker

Call Recorder

Ergos Memory Info

Fring 3



Internet Radio

Joiku Spot Light

Melon Advanced Device Lock – Unsigned

Opera Mini
Opera Mobile 10.1


Nokia Battery Monitor

Pico Brothers Cracked Screen



Think Change Finger Lock

Think Change Maze Lock

Ovi Store

Nokia Panorama

Ten by Ten

Vitamins Widget

Symbian^3 Freeware Games:

Bounce Throw It Ball

Cannon Ball


Iron Sight HD


UPDATES ( JANUARY 04, 2011 ) UPDATES ( JANUARY 04, 2011 ) UPDATES ( JANUARY 04, 2011 ) UPDATES ( JANUARY 04, 2011 )

That Rabbit Game

Decibel Meter



Galaxy On Fire


Space Impact Meteor Shield


UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE January 11, 2011! ( credit to link: nst )

Angry Birds Seasons, Armageddon Squadron, Guitar Rock Tour 2, Block Break Deluxe, Sky Ace, Bubble Bash, Cricket T20.

Download Latest Angry Birds Season: Wreck The Halls here.

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