App Review: Music Stopper – The Timer for your Music, Radio, and Apps

4. December 2010 at 14:07

There are many music timer or scheduler there you can find but the one I will review is different. Because Music Stopper is an app that lets you schedule or time the specific Music Playback, Radio or an Application and terminate it depending on the time you prefer. Like it works as a terminator of your running program.

Let me show you some of its feature through some guides and video preview on Nokia N8 below.

Music Stopper for Nokia N8 and Symbian (5)Music Stopper for Nokia N8 and Symbian (4)

On the others category, you can select one running application which you want to be time with. You can then choose your preferred time and then start the app and hide it. But you should take note that the Music Stopper has a maximum time of 60 min and a minimum of 1 min. Plus it only allows one program from to be scheduled, which I think the caveat of this app.

And talking on the effectiveness on how this app work, it surely terminate or closes your selected program either it is th Music, Radio or a running App.

There are no big downs on this app though if you just want FREE and effective music playback time control. Which in my case I needed most as I always listen to music before sleeping.

Lastly, I have a tip on those who owns Symbian devices. You can still do a little the same with your album or playlists on your Music Player by TURNING OFF the repeat option. By doing that the Music Player will only play the selected playlists, song or album and when it finish, it will stop playing, of course.

Music/Utilities App: Music Stopper by Millazzo Massimo
Size: 0.27 MB
Compatibility: Symbian Touch Devices, S60v5: Nokia N97, 5800, 5230, X6, C6, 5530 etc. and Symbian^3 like Nokia N8 and Nokia C7 etc.
Download Link:

Steps on alternative download directly to computer can be found here.