Reasons Why Nokia C3 Should Run on Symbian S60

7. January 2011 at 14:31

Nokia C3 (3)First thing first, Nokia C3-00 is currently running on the Series 40 or S40 for Symbian platform, and in 6th edition, to be exact. The S40 is the simpler type of operating system under Symbian and mostly the apps it supports are Java. The higher variant is of course the S60, S^1 and so on. With this OS, it requires a not so fast and expensive hardwares like CPU and graphics support, and of course, the domino effect is affordable phone for the mass. In that way, Nokia C3 enters on the most targeted devices by social who are looking for sexiness and qwert-iness without spending much.

Because of my two classmates got this phone, doing some hands-on was easy. And aside from my classroom,  it is very often that I see this C3 whenever I roam around in my city. Which I believe that Nokia PH is really doing well on advertising their mid-tier product.

During the hands-on, I really felt that the physical QWERTY is really much a great necessity and it reminds me of E72. The overall design and construction is very good that makes its a sexy phone. But what was bad when I explore the whole operating system.

I was just baffled when I met and hold a Nokia C3 in person because there might be things that most of the users don’t understand about the OS in their phone. But for the few, there are things that we think that would be nice if these were just on the Nokia C3 itself. Like considering it’s a QWERTY device which are a great tool and opportunity for those who are enterprise and social oriented people. And what I did below was to list the three reasons why it should run on S60 rather than on S40.

Nokia C3's user interface

Nokia C3's user interface

Nokia C7 positioned with Nokia N8

Nokia C7 positioned with Nokia N8

Below are the lists that I am wishing for Nokia C3, if we just don’t mind the cpu and the other cost-effects of changing the OS to S60 though:

It’s Sexy
The phone outside is so much of an attention when you hold it in public, as we refer to the design and construction. It’s quite big but the weight is reasonable. The D-pad and the dashboard on top of the QWERTY is very pleasing when you look at. The bezel and the other detail were a total recipe for this lustrous piece of device.

And I’m thinking why it should run in S40 when in fact it looks like a high-end device?

The Power of QWERTY
This feature is what I most want from it. The power of having the QWERTY is really that important. Like on office/document apps which are mostly available and comfortable to have on S60 because of the availability and wide support for this OS. Compare to S60, S40 will be leaving no choice but to have most of the Java Apps.

Another great missing opportunity of having the S40 is the real multitasking. And awkward to see that a QWERTY keyboard with a missing smartphone software features, doesn’t it?

It has Wi-Fi
What’s missing on use of Wi-Fi for this phone is that it can’t support tons of applications that are available for S60. It also misses the point of being connected as you will bound with less smart programs and applications that requires Wi-Fi use.  But aside from that, the web browser and other multimedia apps is a blessing on S60 compare to S40.

S60 for the mass
One important thing that is happening right now is Nokia’s plan to expand the Symbian smartphone experience to more people. So maybe the missing S60 on C3 didnt catch up the transition to current Nokia’s plan. But who knows, we might get another C3 reborn with the better OS in future.

The Nokia C3 is undoubtedly the biggest and successful affordable social-centred device that Nokia launched here. It’s also the device that filled the gap between trends and social networks. In one sense, it made the two world in a place of one.

I believe that the recipe for this success is the right promotions from local company, Nokia PH, and of course the element of affordability that it offers. So what I’m expecting in future is another Nokia C3 that could do the twist again. Just a proper formulation and again it would be another fruitful event in the part of the company.