What and When will be the next OS for non-touch Nokia smartphones? [Poll]

11. December 2010 at 11:29

N86What do you think is the next os platform for the none-touch smartphones of Nokia? Do you think they will continue the Series 60 v3 or the S60v3 and will the UI improved? Or they will eventually put all devices into touch and QWERTY combination with Symbian^3 on-board on future? Or finally, it is the end of Symbian on the non-touch?

These are just the few questions that I always think every time I look at my Nokia E52. Because I believe that are still people that would still consider of having the non-touch phones compare to full touch devices in future. And if happens that Nokia would still consider on producing these devices, what will be their preferred OS? Would they cram the Symbian^3 on it? Or they have the another resort for it?

And you like it or not, it is still very obvious that Symbian will be the preferred OS, but what we just don’t know when and what will be the updated version comes out.

Let be heard by voting and dropping your comments below.