Nokia C7 Unboxing with Short Comparison To Nokia N8, N97 mini, E52 [Video]

12. December 2010 at 12:31

Nokia C7 (2)First of all, I wanna thanks WOMWorld for giving me chance to test the Nokia C7.

I finally got a hands on the “social-centered” smartphone of Nokia which runs on Symbian^3. And first thing that I’ve done was to unboxed the beaut. Unluckily, I got a black C7 which not bad at all compare to Ice or white C7 I saw online. Plus what I did was a little comparison to Nokia N8, E52 and N97 mini.

What’s on the box?

  • Nokia C7-00 (Black/Ice variant)
  • BL-5K – 1200mAh battery
  • Shorter Data Cable (micro to USB)
  • Pin charger
  • WH-102 headset

What are/is the cost of reducing the price of the C7 package?

  • No USB On-The-Go Adaptor
  • Only Pin charger and no microUSB yet it charge via USB
  • WH-102 headset and not WH-701 that we found on N97 mini, N8 and others
  • No analog TV-out connector

I want to make a separate first impression post so stay tuned for that.

And if you have any question regarding on the C7, please don’t hesitate to drop below. :)

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