Sygic Mobile Maps 10 for Symbian^3 is an alternative for Ovi Maps

16. December 2010 at 14:05

sygic for symbian^3The Sygic released their Maps 10 with the support for Nokia’s Symbian^3 devices such as Nokia N8, Nokia C7 and Nokia C6-01. It’s an alternative GPS walk or drive navigation mapping system that we also get from Ovi Maps. It also features in 3D view and packing of enhance route searches, detailing on sign post, lane assistant, more points of interests, inter-road passage  and house contours for accuracy on small mapping.

The only no no for the mobile maps is the price which is somewhat a drawbacks for some yet it’s an advantageous alternative if you’re looking for more freedom. You can get Sygic Mobile Maps 10 for about €20 and €53 depending on your region. Plus you could also add another feature, which is the real-time traffic information for just around €10 or €20.