WatchNow Web TV- Watch Free Latest Episodes of How I Met Your Mother and Gossip Girl in your Phone

17. December 2010 at 06:26

WatchNow WebTV (5)WatchNow is the latest web TV widget that Y&R Philippines published to Ovi Store exclusively for latest Nokia smartphones running on Symbian^3 platform like Nokia N8, Nokia C7 and C6-01. Find out more after the break.

WatchNow Review

Always missing the latest episodes of your favorite TV series? Not anymore ‘coz WatchNow lets you bring your TV in your pocket. With WatchNow web TV, you can always watch the latest episodes of How I Met Your Mother and Gossip Girl anytime and anywhere.

WatchNow WebTV (1)

Dashboard for the app lets you view the two video screenshot with title and episode title.

WatchNow WebTV (1)

You could easily switch from 3G to Wi-Fi vice versa. But I suggest go for Wi-Fi if you don’t have an unlimited plan of data.

WatchNow WebTV (1)

The episode detail is visible ones you’ve selected the episode. Plus you’ll have a choice between Hi and Low resolution. Which is a great feature.

WatchNow WebTV (1)

Player’s interface when you’ve selected the episode. It also possible to buffer or load first the video for continuous play of the video.

The app has the simple yet intuitive interface that packs with the basic tweaks that you need in viewing videos. The only caveat of the app is that it can’t give you the choice to view the older episodes and leaving you the latest one. Plus I’m not sure if this is all available to all regions.

The widget is free to download at Ovi Store

Update: For those who can’t download this app please use this link for direct download to PC.