Nokia E52 Software Upgrade to Firmware v53.001 and v52.003

20. December 2010 at 10:44

Nokia E52 Software UpdateNokia have just released the software update for Nokia E52 and highlighting the software’s benefits and changes to be the an overall phone performance and latest features. The latest version are 52 which they listed on the site and version 53 that I’ve seen on my phone, it depends on your region. For now that is the only main recipe of that update and there are no any changelog that I caught. But definitely it’s an upgrade for what it is.

You can download the update through Nokia Software Updater or through FOTA by going to Control Panel > Phone > Software Update. The only problem I have is that my phone is pointing me on PC to download the update and there are no direct update for me. I’m not just sure for the others.

Note: Remember to back-up or sync files, contacts, calendars, before updating. And it is better to download with Wi-Fi connection so that it won’t consume much on your network data.