Top 10 Awesome Symbian^3 Features

29. December 2010 at 05:03

nokia n8 nokia c7 nokia c6 nokia e7There are lot of things to love and hate from Symbian’s latest operating system. From software to both hardware and software combination, all in order to produce innovative features that some you won’t see in your Android and iOS etc. And we admit it that there are also things that missing on Symbian’s part. However, let’s face the fact that these ‘exclusive’ features of Symbian doesn’t exists on your unripe operating system, which is fact.

This article is not intended to give a bias or degrading act as I only express on what is real and what are my personal feedback. But what is inevitable of course is most of the haters other fans will clamor and spoil by pointing out that Symbian UI sucks. Yes, indeed as it is a competition, and in some point that depend on your perspective, right?

So after clearing things above, what I have below is the top ten lists of Symbian^3 features that I experienced and currently loving  in terms of HW and SW implementations.

Love it or hate, but these are the awesome-est.

Nokia N8 CoverFlowNokia N8 with Music Cover Flow

  1. USB OTG (sw & hw)Attach a portable USB adapter and you’re good in enjoying of transferring your files from USB to Nokia device vice versa.
  2. DivX/Xvid Video Playback (sw)Play almost any video files right in your gallery and default player. No need for installing program that is compatible in viewing these file types.
  3. Web TV (sw) – Watch latest and exclusive episodes of TV series and programs right in your pocket. From NatGeo to How I Met Your Mother, and of course other programs too.
  4. Music Player Cover Flow (sw) – Alike of this was already seen on other devices and some don’t even have this yet, but finally we got this cool effects in our phone at last.
  5. Mutiple Homescreen (sw) UI may not be the best on the robotic duck OS but what is worth looking for is this multiple homescreens that offer you customizations from different widgets to icons.
  6. Threaded SMS / Conversations (sw)Seen on other operating system like iOS and finally a blessing to Symbian’s mass.
  7. FlashLight (sw & hw) – You don’t need to find and install the right applications on getting the LED work as a torch and flashlight in your phone. With just a simple hold of lock key then wew! A bright flashlight is twinkling in your phone…and simple defense tool in blinding your enemy, eh?
  8. Photo Editor & Video (sw) – This feature is more than on your computer’s paint benefits. Because this one is a simple tool yet with extensive editing features that really help you on creating your masterpiece from HD videos to colorful photos.
  9. Real Multitasking (sw) – This true computer’s multitasking technology was pioneered well on Symbian’s platform ages ago. But what is new of Symbian^3 is that we have newer UI for real multitasking.
  10. Multimedia (sw & hw) – Imagine that you could plug and play your device in many ways. Could be it on your HDMI TV with surround plus blessing of Dolby or maybe through the FM transmitter inside the car. Nonetheless, these are the newest features that you could exclusively do only on Nokia devices powered by Symbian^3. :)

The bonus feature would be the gaming section as today we are currently seeing great HD games on Symbian^3 support. Like Avatar HD, Angry Birds, Spider-Man and more!

Got a Symbian^3 device? Feel free to share your favorite features too.