Unboxing the Nokia E90 Black

28. June 2008 at 17:19

A few days ago I received the Nokia E90 in black. I wanted to wait for my new DT-22 Tripod to make the unboxing video – but unfortunately the ordered Tripod hasn’t arrived yet. So I decided to make an unboxing video without the DT-22.

This is the unboxing video:

Here are also some unboxing photos:

This black E90 comes with one year of free navigation on a 2 GB memorycard and the hardware such as the keypad is improved. As far as I know this device isn’t available in the shops yet, so stay tuned for upcoming articles about this beautiful black device here on Symbian World.

What do you think about this improved new version of the Nokia E90? Looks great, doesn’t it?