Top Five HD Symbian^3 Games [Poll]

4. January 2011 at 14:40

Got a Nokia N8, C7 or a C6-01? Then jump over below to vote for the best games that you are currently hooking up on your phone!

We have tons of HD Symbian^3 games that are currently invading Ovi Store and this is just a good sign that Nokia is aiming again for a good gaming platform support for us. Most of these are superb action, adventure and puzzle games that we were looking for since we left our Ngage 2.0 battalions. But who knows that these games might live up much more than your Ngage experience.

Now it’s your turn to pick up your weapon and vote for the best games that are currently available for Nokia’s S^3 devices. If don’t have any S^3 devices or the said games below, still, feel free to vote and ask for what you want! :)

My favourites? SpiderMan, Guitar Rock Tour and Angry Birds! 😀

So vote! vote! vote!  as many as you can (multiple votes)

Will be posting the top five lists on the weekend.