Nokia N8 Phone Apps Update – Getting Ready for PR 1.1?

15. January 2011 at 05:53

Nokia N8 Phone Apps Update

As the rumours of PR 1.1, the next big software update for Nokia N8, boiling up and ready for evaporation, the possibly last small updates for this Symbian^3 device is the Phone Apps update.

The Phone Apps update appeared recently on the cloudy skies of OTA and NSU and available to download for all regions, as I believe. Nothing was highlighted except on the promise improvements of applications for stability use. But of course this one is seeing as a vital update before the rumoured “PR 1.1” hits the public release.

How to download updates for Phone Apps?

  • Sync and back-up through mobile file manager and Ovi Suite
  • Update via OTA app in phone, NSU, or Ovi Suite.
  • Be happy! Wait for PR 1.1 because it is coming soon. :)