TwimGo Review – A New Free Twitter Client

15. January 2011 at 11:58

TwimGo for Nokia Symbian N8 E7 C6 C7 (4)TwimGo is a new twitter client application for Symbian. It is the rip off client from the TwimGo for Maemo that was seen on N900. Thus this app interface and functionalities are almost similar as to the Maemo version. Read more after the break.

The app is based on WRT (web) and features simple layout for a twitter social app. It also consists the common twitter menus like RTs, direct messages favourites, etc. Simplicity means we have the basic features only like you can’t share photos right from the app. But there a GPS support though.

My highlighted feedbacks on the app:

What’s hot?

  • simple design of application
  • choices of dark or light theme
  • usable for both landscape and portrait orientation
  • auto update settings are working (at least it has)
  • support modified or instant RT
  • geotagging of tweets
  • free!

What’s not?

  • No photo and other media sharing support
  • Don’t support vibration feedback for every input
  • 2 columns on landscape orientation is not that pleasant
  • boring transitions
  • doesn’t support multiple accounts
  • followers count are bug?
  • the option bar is annoying

Conclusions based on question and answer

-A good substitute for Gravity? Yes and No.

Yes, because it’s free. No, for it has limited features and it’s unstable. But if you can afford to buy Gravity I would really suggest to do it rather than stick on TwimGo and other twitter client.

-Better than Social Network app of Nokia? No.

TwimGo is a very basic twitter client, it’s more of a mobile web twitter but better. So it’s not even that a good substitute for the default Social app that can be found on your new Symbian^3 devices.

-Worth to try? Yes.

The application is free and it is really worth to try. If offers a pleasant visual experience and the important functionalities that you are looking for. And if your the type of a person who tweet occasionally then it’s a good app.

You can download the application free from Ovi Store. It supports Symbian^3 and there is a separate download for N900 users. Direct download to phone or computer here.