Nokia N8 vs Nokia E7 Dilemma – What would you sacrifice for: Camera or QWERTY Keyboard? [Poll]

26. January 2011 at 14:42

nokia n8 nokia c7 nokia c6 nokia e7To sum up and differentiate these two devices of Nokia, each has distinctive features that separates from the other. One is a flagship for multimedia while the other is oriented in enterprise section. And it’s not on the software that they differ big but in terms of hardware features.

So let me go highlight the differences of these two contenders.


First, Nokia N8 sports a whopping 12 MP Auto Focus Camera with Xenon Flash and Carl Zeiss optics versus on 8 MP Full Focus camera with Dual-LED of Nokia E7.
Can you tell the differences on this part? Well, refer to this article about Nokia C7 vs Nokia N8 and I included there some camera highlights.

What really matters for other people, especially the business inclined ones, is the swift input typing and that you could only find on a physical QWERTY keyboard of Nokia E7-00.
And who really type essays using a virtual QWERTY? No matter what your virtual QWERTY presentation in your phone, the physical or real QWERTY is still a must for heavy typing.

What’s make so sweet about E7 is? It’s none other than its 4.0″ CBD screen. But 3.5″ AMOLED is already enough for some and you could also do lots of things on it.

It’s sad to know that a Nokia high-end phone doesn’t have microSD support, right? But it then depends the remaining internal storage. Like Nokia E7 that has 16GB of internal and no microSD support at all. What the heck? Yes, too sad. But of course it will matter on the user if he is a video and music collectors.

FM Transmitter
Is this feature a big deal for some? Yes, I knew lot of people whose preferences on buying their next devices is a FM transmitter. You can just easily and wirelessly connect your Nokia N8 to your car’s stereo FM.

black and silver nokia e7

Device Nokia N8-00 Nokia E7-00
Operating Platform Symbian^3 Symbian^3
CPU ARM 11 680MHz ARM 11 680MHz
Screen Resolution 360 x 640 pixels 360 x 640 pixels
Screen 3.5” AMOLED Capacitive 4.0” AMOLED Capacitive, CBD
RAM 256MB 256MB
Storage 135MB, 16GB + microSD 350MB, 16GB
Slide Out QWERTY keyboard No Yes, four-row
WiFi b/g/n Yes Yes
Pentaband Yes Yes
FM transmitter Yes No
Camera 12MP AF Carl Zeiss optics, Xenon 8MP FF DLED
Video HD Recording Yes, 25fps Yes, 25fps
Video calling Yes Yes
Active noise cancellation Yes (two microphones) Yes
Sensors Proximity, Ambient Light, Accel. Proximity, Ambient Light, Accel.
Battery BL-4D 1200mAh BL-4D 1200mAh
Weight 135g 176g

The Nokia E7 will be more expensive compare to Nokia N8 but there are still deal-breaker things on N8. And it’s different issue to cover up for price difference. But if you have a chance to pick a Nokia N8 or Nokia E7, What would you sacrifice for a device?