Symbian Tutorials: Adding Music Album Art and Editing Details with Windows Media Player and Songbird

23. January 2011 at 06:00

album art nokia symbianThe latest Symbian^3 features a new Album Cover Flow. It’s a 3D view of your album art when you navigate your Music Library. It’s also very pleasing and fluid to use.

The main issue is not on Cover Flow but it’s with the organizing features of the music player. You can’t actually change or specify the album art of your tracks, which is possible on S60 5th edition though. But I have some basic ways to get that album arts in your tracks.

There are two applications in my computer that I use. First is the Windows Media Player which is very friendly to your Nokia devices and to the latest Symbian^3 devices too.

Windows Media Player – Album Art and meta data Editing

  • Include album cover (jpg) photo on the specific album folde
  • Transfer album to media player (You can also drag a photo directly to your album in media player in album view, much easier)
  • Sync to your device

Songbird – Album Art and meta data editing

  • Open album with Songbird
  • Edit meta data or add album art
  • Transfer to device or use the media player to sync

Free download of Songbird here.

Editing details or meta data
If you’re not downloading your songs from Ovi Music Store or if you’re not downloading from P2P (torrents) sites then you might end up with other sources.

What’s with these sources?

Most of other sources have incomplete details or meta data (genre, composer, album artists etc.) of your songs. And some of these have no embedded album art. Unlike when you download your songs from Music Store you’ll get a complete track details and album art.

In order to fill up or edit those details, of course, you will need your computer on that. In my case, our region is not supported of Ovi Music, I get my songs from P2P sites for which have complete details and some have embedded album art already.