New Server for SymbianWorld!

24. February 2011 at 09:36

Dear readers and partners of SymbianWorld,

As you surely noticed, SymbianWorld was offline for couples of weeks.  We do apologize and want to let you know the reason and the current status:

On last last Friday we received an e-mail from our hosting company that informed us that our blog has too many hits and hence is no longer acceptable for the shared server.

Basically two things came together and made it impossible for our blog to stay on the shared server:

1) SymbianWorld had too many hits

2) SymbianWorld is already a few years online and hence has many old scripts and plugins which were slowing it down

Over the last days we were optimizing the website and bought finally our own server, which is more powerful so that we should no longer have any problems.

Again we do apologize for the inconvenience.

The SymbianWorld-crew