AutoInstaller: A competitor to InsFast

15. July 2008 at 14:21

I think most of you know the situation: You have installed an update on your mobile phone and all your installed applications are away because the device got a reset. If you want to install the applications again and it takes a very long time to you. A few months ago there was an application called InsFast that helped you to install many applications automatically on the phone. This little helper-application was very buggy and didn’t work very well. Now there is another automatic installer for your S60 device called AutoInstaller. It isn’t as buggy as InsFast.

The usage of this little helper-tool is very easy:

  1. Copy all applications you want to install into the folder “ThinkChange” on your memory card
  2. Press “StartInstall” in the AutoInstaller application
  3. After the process finished there will be a summary

Source: Symbian-Freak