Nokia N8 – Blurry Viewing of Photos, Might Be The Screen Resolution Issue of some Nokia

6. March 2011 at 12:56

I’m not really sure on what title of the post I should be using, but I have definitely one thing to point out, and that’s the screen resolution issue in Nokia N8.


<<< Based on Sir Damian Dinning, Senior Manager at Solutions Planning of Nokia, explanation regarding this issue, this is not a software bug nor a hardware bug at all, it is rather a device preferences chosen by their team. Please refer to the comment below this article. >>>

Problem or not?
The issue is about the blurry photos preview and viewing of big resolution photos, both taken by Nokia N8 and transferred images. These applies during camera preview and gallery view of images that have high resolutions.

The shocker is that with a little zoom, you can definitely see the big difference on the detail. And this is where I think on what is the main cause of this issue, why it would be possible to see the clear images in a small zoomed in step and not on the unzoomed one?

Logical manner – i.e. 9MP (4000 x 2248 pixels) image:
*Blurry image = 4000 x 2248 over nHD resolution. (not zoomed)
*Clear image = approx. 3900 x 2200 over nHD resolution (zoomed in little, varying)

What are the disadvantages of these?
1. On camera use, you don’t know if the shot was shaky or not. This will lead for some users to discard the shots and take another one.
2. False representation of the real quality of image will likely happen every time you browse or edit a high-resolution image.

See sample photos below: (above is not zoomed in, below is zoomed in with small step)

See the differences?

Both images are 9MP and viewing the image (above)  in gallery without zooming a little with give some blurry preview or screen resolution issue. While taking some small zoom in will make your image rendered in a fine and detailed manner.

Let’s highlight again in this way, the above image:

There is a big ghosting or aberrations on the steel trusses. Leaves are also contrasted with less black and white making it looks like a more artificial detail.

More samples:


The problem is might not only the nHD (640 x 360 pixels) screen resolution, in my guess, but it’s both software and hardware (just based on the Logical manner above. And I’ve experienced this right from last year when I was using the pre-release PR 1.1 software. The problem remains until now even on official PR 1.1.

If I clearly remember, I also had this similar issue with the Nokia C7 but I’m not really sure about the other models as I didn’t tried this. And also I checkout with the other Nokia N8 users, @Camb078 also having a similar issue.

I really hope that it is just software issue and hope they can fix it soon with the PR 2.0 Software for Symbian^3.

And if you’re having the same issue, please do drop your comments below. :)