Nokia CA-100: Charger via USB port

22. July 2008 at 13:28

Devices like the Sony Ericsson G900, P1i or the iPhone can be charged via USB-port. However, what about devices like the E71, N95 or the E50? Using the Nokia CA-100 you can easily charge your Nokia devices and enhancements via the USB port of your PC or laptop.

Sales package:

Like a lot other accessories the CA-100 also comes in a not really special looking package. The package contains only the CA-100 and a manual.


  • approx. 52 x 16 x 8 mm
  • Length of the cable approx. 18 cm


The usage is easy like nothing else. Just plug in the one end into the USB port of your laptop or PC and than plug in the 2mm charger into the right whole of your Nokia phone or Nokia enhancement.


The Ca-100 is the ultimate accessory for everybody spends a lot time on the PC and wants to charge the device on the computer. However, there is in my eyes just one little downside. The cable is a little bit to short. Anyway, I just can propose the CA-100 to buy.The price depends on the shop – it goes from12 to 22€ Jump over to buy the Nokia MD-6.


Thanks again to Hot-Wire-Telekom for supporting us.