Backbreaker Football – Demo on Nokia N8

9. March 2011 at 16:55

Backbreaker Football is a new game for Symbian^3 devices which offers unique and extreme American style football experience.The game play have high definition graphics and online support for peer score battle that football fans looked for in a mobile game. It also features an accelerometer based game play with enabled control keys that resembles the perfect moves from the said football style.

Highlights of the game:

  • Character Creation with 6 teams to choose from and customizable features
  • Game modes: Rookie, Pro, Hardcore with Challenge and Endurance levels for each mode
  • Challenge Friend play, Single play
  • 8 Challenges
  • Support Global Ranking system
  • Accelerometer Control (left and right turn)
  • Controls: Juke (left and right), Spin (left and right), Showboat, Sprint

Price: $2.99
Platform: Symbian^3
Size: 10.71MB
Link: Get it from Ovi Store