How to use Flashlight or Torch in your Nokia E7

10. March 2011 at 13:58

Last time I shared a short and easy guide on how to use the flashlight or torch in your Nokia C7 so this time it’s Nokia E7’s turn. Both of these devices, together with Nokia C6-01, have the same Dual-LED lights and runs on Symbian^3 platform so this will probably work for all between these phones.

How to turn-on Torch or Flashlight – Nokia E7-00, Nokia C6-01, Nokia C7-00 :

  • Phone should be on unlock mode and not in power saving mode
  • Hold down the lock key for about 2-3seconds to turn on
  • And hold down again if you want to turn-off

So you really don’t need an application to run your lights for torch purposes.
For Nokia N8-00:
Nokia N8 which has no DLED, you could use the free Torch App for free which uses your AMOLED screen for artificial light sourch. Get it here for free.
Alternatively, you could check-out the PhoneTorch+ for Nokia N8 which uses the AutoFocus assist lamp in Xenon flash.