It’s competition time! Win a Nokia N8!

12. March 2011 at 14:16

I know guys that all of you are excited to own a Nokia N8. Well, everybody craves for a N8. :) So now, Nokia is giving all the fans a chance to win and own a Nokia N8! The Nokia N8 is just one and only 12 MP camera phone with Carl Zeiss optics on it, plus it also runs on the latest Symbian^3 platform. But all in all Nokia N8 is the behemoth in terms of multimedia features.

To win the Nokia N8, all you have to do is go to facebook fan page of Nokia and like their page in order to see their posts. After that you will see on the main wall that there are shuffled boxes of photos on top. The boxes on top represents a clue and it will lead you to another clue once you deciphered it.

And because we love our readers and fans here at SymbianWorld, I will be sharing the link to you.

First solved clue:

Second clue:

Hint to the clue: It’s all binary so you need to convert it to text. And like I said before that we love our readers and fans here, so I will be sharing the simplified binary in characters form so you can just copy it easily.











It’s 632 bits and it is divisible to 8 bits ( 8bits = 1 character )to a total of 79 characters.
Now all you have to do is convert these binary codes to text. Your friend Google will help you there.


Plus one more (UK only):

Nokia UK is also having their competition for the best Nokia N8 photos. The prize for the best chosen photo shot on N8 is a £1000 spending money plus a billboard display of your photo near from your home.
Go to Nokia UK fan page here.

Good luck to all! :)