Two versions of the N85?

27. July 2008 at 12:07

A few days ago we reported about the User Agent Profile of the upcoming Nokia N85 which provided that the device is real. Now there is a UAProf of a so called N85-3 online. This means that there will be at least two versions of the N85, the N85-1 and the N85-3.

The N85-3 could be the NAM version of the device or the device will come in different versions like the N81 (with and without memorycard-slot). There’s also the possibility that the device will come with different flash-memory like the iPhone – e.g. 8 GB and 16 GB.

  • The UAP of the N85-1 can be found here.
  • The UAP of the N85-3 can be found here.