Files on Ovi officially goes live

3. August 2008 at 23:12

Ovi by you.

Since Friday Nokias’s newest service is live. Files on Ovi enables you to share documents, PDFs, music, photos and more between your PC and your handset via internet. So you have access to your data always, wherever you are. However, other than other services this service costs either 49.99€ for 10GB or 99.99€ for 30GB. Of course you can try the service using a 30-day free trial.

US dollars – 10GB $79.99 or 30GB $149.99
Euros – 10GB €49.99 or 30GB €99.99
GBP – 10GB £39.99 or 30GB £74.99

Head over to learn more about Files on Ovi. And if you’ve some time, you can also take a short tour though it’s features. What do you think about this service and about its price? Please, let us know your thoughts.